9 oz Soy Candle - Heirloom Collection

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Scent: Cabin in the Woods


With a properly maintained wick, each candle should last between 45-60 hours.

Scent Profiles:

Fresh Washed Overalls- spa-like scent with citrus, dewey spring florals and wild herbs.

Coastal Breeze- Elegant blend of ozonic sea salt and calming notes of lily of the valley and tonka bean.

Lemonade Stand- Fluffly pound cake filled with organic lemon zest and the most delicate drizzle of vanilla glaze

Blackberry Mule- A refreshing blackberry cocktail on a summer day with a kick of ginger This is a peaceful and captivating complex scent.

Cabin in the Woods- smells like pine trees in the forest and a relaxing night by the fire

Bubba's Breakfast- smells like kids favorite breakfast cereal Fruit Loops.

A Cup of Joe- the smell of your favorite coffee shop. Fresh Brewed Coffee!

Rain on a Tin Roof- Fresh Air, leafy greens and a nectary sweet gentle breeze. This is a very clean and refreshing scent.

Mom's Flower Garden- Mom always had the best flower garden in full bloom!  This Fresh Lavender scent will remind you of home and Mom's Flower Garden.

Farmhouse Kitchen – the smell of grandma baking in the kitchen mixing up a coffee cake with cinnamon, cream and healthy

Nana's Kitchen- Apples and Berries mixed with a little cinnamon and pie spices.  Reminds me of walking through the handmade pie section at the county fair.