Our Love for Candles

Our love for candle making began a long time ago when one of our founders brought her children to a candle store and inevitably they wanted to buy everything in the store. Of course this was followed by a big 'No' and a follow up question from her daughter. “Well then why don’t we make our own candles? ”This was not a strange request coming from a child that had seen her mother craft everything from jewelry, leather, wood, glass, ceramics, furniture, etc., etc. It seemed there was nothing her mother couldn't make. Our founder, armed with 26+ years of crafting experience and degrees in education, fine arts, graphic design and engineering, welcomed the challenge. After much research into the candle business and the realization that harmful chemicals can be found in some major retail candles, the focus quickly became to produce the most clean candle for ourselves and our community. That mission continues to this day since we opened the doors to our retail shop, Candle Castle & Co., and we proudly invite our costumers to shop with confidence.

Our Company

Candle Castle & Co. is more than just a company.. . we are a place where you can come to create, connect and rejoice. We have been delighting in the art of candle making for many years now and decided it was time to share our love for candle making with the world. And so our company was born to offer our guests a luxuriously unparalleled experience of creating their own custom candle. Guests will learn the art of candle making and ignite their creativity to produce beautiful candles and lasting memories.

All Classes are uniquely curated with seasonally changing vessels and fragrances, to special collaborations with local businesses and artists. Every experience is a guaranteed fun time at Candle Castle & Co. with our enthusiastic instructors and amazing guests. We understand now more than ever how important it is to be together and share our experiences with one another. Here at Candle Castle & Co. we are delighted to offer a space where our community can do just that; come together to create, connect and rejoice in the shared experience of crafting and candle making.

Our Mission

Candle Castle & Co.’s guiding values and beliefs are built on a simple and intrinsic understanding that life should be lived in goodness and in beauty. So we strive to bring you just that. Everything beautiful and good. Everything to make you feel like a queen or king and to make your home feel like a castle. We offer a wide selection of home accent and scents to fill your home with fragrance and joy. In keeping with our mission to bring our customers the best in clean products, you will also find a meticulously vetted selection of beauty brands and bath and body products from partners who share our passion for sustainability and clean beauty.

Our Team

We are overjoyed to have found amazing people to join us in our journey to bring you a fragrance experience like no other. Say hello to our amazing team!