Luxe White and Gold Candles - 16Pk

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About these ‘Luxe White and Gold Candle Birthday Candles ’:
The gold and white will make any cake shine. Your customers loved ones will gather round, so when the lights are dimmed and family choir starts the glow of burning candles will be the spark to start the party. Bring a touch of class to their birthday celebrations with our luxe white and gold tall candles. Perfect for teenagers, young adults or those golden years.

Candle Size: 4" tall
Packaging: Widely recyclable

Why we love these ‘Luxe White and Gold Candle Birthday Candles’:
These elegant candles are packaged in cardboard so you can recycle them straight after your customers have made their way all 16. The large pack size means these candles will last many birthdays and the candles can be reused, if you blow them out quick enough.