Safety Alarm | Black Glitter Heart

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Imagine this sweet little sparkler clipped to your favorite bag or on your always-at hand keychain. Now, imagine someone approaching who looks super sus. How would they ever know that this adorable little heart charm is a high-powered, ear-piercing alarm? 

They wouldn’t. Which is exactly why this safety alarm makes perfect sense as a part of your safety arsenal. One quick push of a button not only deters the subject from moving closer, but immediately alerts bystanders that, Houston, we have a problem. 

Why do we love this alarm? It’s TSA-friendly, age and shipping restriction-free, and suitable for any age gal, from teen to Grandma. 

  • 115 decibel personal alarm sounds at the push of a button 
  • LED safety light comes in handy in the dark
  • Oversized clasp makes it easy to transfer on and off your bags and keychain 
  • Durable, flake-free glitter doesn’t rub off 
  • Batteries included 

How To Use:

To activate the alarm, locate the red panic button on the back panel. Push once to sound the siren, push again to stop the siren. Push the white button to turn on the LED light. Please note the circle on the front panel is the the 'speaker' and must be uncovered in order for the sound to escape. To change the batteries unscrew the compartment on the back panel.

How Loud Is It?:

115 decibels is characterized as equivalent to a rock concert, or the sound of a chainsaw.

Button Or Pull Apart?:

Our alarms feature an activation button, rather than a pull pin, or pull-apart structure. After years of testing, we've found a push button activation is superior for preventing accidental activation.